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Acrylic Nails


If your nails often break, acrylic is a good way to keep some length and shine.

It can be difficult to get a consistent thickness and natural finish so I would recomend letting me do that for you. When you arrive at my salon your nails will be buffed  to smooth the surface and remove any shine, cuticle work then I will apply a bonding agent to ensure your acrylics to stick to your natural nail plate, before applying the acrylic. Acrylic is ideal if you want to extend the natural nail. You can either have natural/french or I have a choice of nearly 300 colours. Your nails with be extend with tips or by sculpturing. Sculpturing is ideal for a badly bitten nail. Infills for colour or design won't just be your normal fill, I will remove the old colour or design and give you a completly new coour or design. If you would like a design and have something in mind please feel free to email me with the design. All I ask is that if a deign is require please let me know on booking your appointment so I can allow more time.


Natural or French white tips


full set with design, glitter or colour    




Removal with new set :


Infill with design, glitter or colour


Infill natural or french white tips


Acrylic rose per 2 nails :               


Swarovski crystal 5 per nail :   


Nail repair for the first two :

£2.00 each, there after £1.00 each

Sculptured French


Sculptures French Infill  


Extremely long Acrylic Nails                              


Extremely Long Infill